Greg Pierson

Greg Pierson

Retired CEO (Fraud Management, Authentication, Internet Security)


Nestled in the scenic beauty of Portland, Oregon, Greg Pierson's story unfolded. A prodigious entrepreneur, his journey is replete with milestones of visionary leadership, groundbreaking innovations, and relentless perseverance. He stands tall in the annals of technological advancements, having pioneered device-based reputation systems. These aren't just tools of technology; under his guidance, they have metamorphosed into shields, defending the digital world against online fraud and ensuring genuine consumer authentication.

His life canvas began in North Portland. Here, amidst familial warmth and life's simple pleasures, he spent his formative years alongside his parents and younger sibling. An indelible shift occurred when, at the tender age of eight, they moved to Northeast Portland. The home, though modest, bore witness to invaluable lessons of diligence and passion. His father, a dedicated facilities manager, exemplified the essence of commitment. At the same time, his mother, a lover of words as an English teacher, nurtured in him an enduring passion for language and knowledge.

Woven into his professional tapestry is an enchanting love story. His heart found its rhythm with his high school beloved, and together, they've journeyed through 35 years of marital bliss. Their bond strengthened with time, witnessing their daughter's academic aspirations and their son's high school adventures. To Pierson, the foundation of his success is this unwavering support system. He often reiterates that the chapters of his accomplishments would be incomplete without the love and support of his wife.

As he steered his path into the corporate realm, his first major association was with Accenture as a consultant. Here, his innate ability to decipher and resolve intricate business problems was evident. His insights and solutions found resonance with industry stalwarts such as Nordstrom, Bridgestone Firestone, and Land's End. Leading from the front, he played an instrumental role in conceptualizing and executing large-scale business frameworks, seamlessly integrating them with transformative process alterations.

His life is an exemplar of dream-chasing, relentless perseverance, and cherishing personal bonds. Each facet of his journey, from his humble abode in Portland to the global business conferences, is a testament to a life well-lived and an inspiration to many.

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